The ICCA Lunch Program now includes all students in PK3-8th grade

Dear Parents,

Starting on Monday, December 4, grade all grades can now order lunch through the ICCA Lunch Program from Gaby’s.

 ICCA will be offering hot Lunch each day for your child(ren). If you wish to sign up the weekly amount is $25 per child.   Additional siblings cost $20 each per week. Please use the form attached.

The weekly menu is listed below and is subject to change:

Monday’s:            Pasta with Meat sauce

Tuesday’s:            Chicken tenders with fries

Wednesday’s:      Pizza with a snack

Thursday’s:          Hot Dog with a snack

Friday’s:                Baked Ziti

All daily lunches will be provided with a beverage.

January sign ups

Registration for lunch is always the Friday before for the upcoming week or otherwise directed on the sign up form. All registrations and payments are due by noon each Friday NO Exeption. There are NO daily registrations – registrations are ONLY weekly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Ms. Breen